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  • GTA 5 The source code was leak on the internet


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    Along with the GTA 5 source code, now accessible documents also contain data on Bully 2, GTA 6 and other details.

    The gaming community was impacted by a recent leak related to Rockstar Games. While many people were enjoying Christmas last weekend, it was reported that the complete GTA 5 source code, along with information about GTA 6 and files from the canceled Bully 2 project, were completely exposed.

    The recent leak is considered by experts as a kind of "sequel" to the previous mega-leak suffered by Rockstar. At that time, the company had already been the target of an invasion that resulted in the disclosure of more than 100 GB of content related to the company's projects.



    Information indicates that data previously kept confidential, such as the GTA 5 source code, has now been completely disclosed. Additionally, over the past weekend, full details of the discontinued Bully 2 project and recent GTA 6 Python code were also revealed.

    Information about Bully 2, GTA 6 and others The initial disclosure took place through Discord, with a link to download the GTA 5 source code, which was promptly removed. However, those who obtained the link have already disseminated it through Tor, a browser used to transfer data anonymously on the dark web.

    This data covers information about GTA 6, previously called Project Americas, and documents related to Bully 2. To date, Rockstar Games has not commented on the leak, which comprises initial versions, game maps and content excluded from GTA 5.

    Among the recent discoveries, we highlight the revelation that Bully 2, which was never officially announced to the public, was canceled by Rockstar around 2014. The leak also exposed internal images related to the creation of GTA 5, as well as information about the graphics engine, RAGE.

    The release of the source code also provided insights not previously disclosed by Rockstar about other titles from the studio. This occurred because users found files relating to a possible map that would be used in the game Agent, which was canceled by the company to prioritize the development of GTA 5.

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